Garbage Management in Norway

Being part of the Stromme foundation and Hald internasjonale Senter Youth exchange program I have been many places in Norway. I have known many good things about Norway. I have found one good thing is that garbage management. They are so conscious about their health. They manage garbage so well. This picture is from home. They separated garbage in different dustbin. They keep food, plastic, paper and rest of all in different dustbin. This picture is from outside the house. After fulfill dustbin box inside the house they keep all garbage outside in this dustbin. Some street walker also can use this dustbin if they have to through any garbage. They also keep 4 Dustin outside the house.  Workers from garbage management who collect the garbage come twice a month  and keep this garbage with them separately because all garbage will recycle again. They will recycle plastic and paper again and they will make fertiliser (compost) from food.
This picture is from one of the garbage recycling factory…

Friends in Hald International

I am so happy to be a student of Hald International Senter. I got chance to know about different culture, people, language and country.It is good platform to show our culture and skills. All friends in Hald are good.They all are helpful and friendly. Everything is new for me: culture, weather, foods and language etc. We have became close like one family easily. we have got new family in Hald internasjonale Senter. We are now attending infield at Hald. Infield is a midt term follow-up seminar for international students who are in intercultural youth exchange program in Norway. We come back and share our experience about our internship places. What we have done and what challenges we have faced. We all are far away from home but all international students pare happy to be the part of Hald. We made foods from our home country. Yesterday we made this Nepali tea for all. We drunk and watched Nepali movie.  Everything is new for me. This is one of them. We have lots of mountain in Nepal but I …